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Enforcement: Criminal/Civil Penalties, Seizures, Forfeitures and Detention

Customs enforcement proceedings may result in additional duty liability and the assessment of significant penalties. International transactions ordinarily involve complex regulatory requirements, and even the most sophisticated importers encounter incidents of non-compliance. Customs sanctions involving import non-compliance can be severe -sometimes resulting in multi-million dollar fines. Agency enforcement proceedings may be initiated as a result of criminal investigations by special agents, informant information, Customs audits/focused assessments, import specialist transaction reviews or inspector examinations.

Customs enforcement cases range in severity from the imposition of criminal sanctions to the imposition of civil penalties and collection of lost revenues. In addition, delays in shipments caused by Customs seizures or detentions are disruptive to normal business operations and may place the importer at a competitive disadvantage.

Incidents of importer non-compliance involving cross-border transactions frequently can be minimized or avoided by development of a comprehensive import compliance program and strategy. Pisani & Roll LLP is uniquely skilled and experienced in this area and welcomes the opportunity to discuss its trade compliance program services with you.

If Customs proceedings have been initiated, Pisani & Roll LLP provides guidance and representation throughout the course of Customs enforcement actions, including, if necessary, representation in judicial proceedings. We are experienced in handling civil penalty, seizure and detention cases, and are adept at preparing administrative petitions, negotiating settlement offers or submitting “prior disclosures” to significantly diminish or eliminate penalty liability. In Customs enforcement actions, our aim is to help you reduce exposure to additional duty or penalty liability as well as secure expeditious release of seized or detained merchandise