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Country of Origin

Products are rarely sourced from start to finish in a single country and our client’s products are no exception. Typically, their products have raw materials that originate in several countries. Because many countries require imported articles to be marked with their country of origin, and imported products often cannot be imported unless properly marked, we help our clients navigate through the origin rules to identify the correct country of origin of their products and to comply with onerous country of origin marking requirements. When our clients’ marketing research indicates that one type of country of origin marking is preferred to another, we diligently work with the client to find a way to mark the product accordingly.

Similarly, we help our clients obtain relief from Customs in those situations where a level playing field does not exist with respect to the origin of the products in the marketplace. We appreciate that our clients should not have to compete against companies who choose to violate the law country of origin marking laws.

We also work with clients to solve country of origin problems related to assessment of antidumping duties and government procurement opportunities, such as the Buy America Act.