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Audits, Focused Assessments, and Importer Self-Assessments

Pisani & Roll LLP offers a full range of audit services.

For clients who have been notified that Customs will audit their import transactions through a Focused Assessment, we can provide the client with a quick and cost-efficient assessment of the Company’s internal controls over its import operations, as well as guide a Company on the need for any prior disclosure to avoid penalties that might be assessed for any non-compliance discovered during the audit. Prior to the audit, we fully analyze the Company’s imports using virtually the same data used by Customs’ auditors to identify areas at risk for non-compliance. We then guide our clients through each step of the audit by (1) assisting in the responses to the audit questionnaire, (2) preparing and selecting Company representatives for the audit interview process, and (3) reviewing Company responses and documents prior to submission to Customs to ensure they are not overly responsive to the questions asked by the auditors.

For those clients who desiring to join Customs’ Importer Self-Assessment program, Pisani & Roll LLP will work with the Company’s import personnel to ensure that the Company’s internal controls will withstand Customs’ scrutiny during Customs’ validation of the internal controls. We advise the Company on any gaps that we find in its internal controls that must be filled prior to Customs’ visit. For those clients that have been accepted into the ISA program, Pisani & Roll LLP offers a competitively priced annual audit service to help the Company meet its ISA obligations, including the Annual Notification Letter and ISA Self-Test Plan requirements..